Nich Maragos
D.O.B.: October 16th, 1980
Last reported position: Oxford, MS
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Brown
Homepage: Signal to Noise
Favorite book: Farenheit 451

I'm from Lafayette, Lousiana, but I currently go to school at the University of Mississippi at Oxford. (Oxford, Mississippi, that is; not Oxford, London.) When not writing fanfiction, I help maintain the fine site you're visiting now, and soon I'll be involved in a Transmetropolitan fansite.

When writing, I enjoy exploring what happens during a story, or before a story, rather than afterwards, because it's too easy to fall into the "rehashed plot" hole with the latter kind. But when reading, I'm just a sucker for any stories involving Lucca or Fujin. Shameless? Disturbing? Sorry.

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