Quest 2

   Nintendo 64 owners everywhere agree that Quest 64 is by far the best true RPG on the system... of course, it's the only true RPG available. That position was enough to propel the game to modest success, and, of course, any game that meets with at least modest success receives the inevitable sequel.

 Quest 2
Leohn and Sophia

   Tentatively titled Quest 2, said sequel takes place 100 years after Quest 64. You now have the choice of two different characters, Leohn the spirit tamer or Sophia the swordswoman. Like in Kartia or Star Ocean II, each character will have their own unique quest -- Leohn's sees him inheriting the powers of Brian (the hero from the first game) and attempting to overthrow the evil Emperor Julius of Lahna. Sophia's storyline is currently unknown.

   In addition to the longer gameplay time provided by the two quests, Imagineer is also adding additional depth to shore up the original's rather simplistic gameplay. You now have actual money (gasp!) that you can use to purchase items, and more freedom of movement is promised. Both characters will also have a sidekick known only as "the Guardian," which functions as both a vehicle and an aide in battle.

   Having already established the franchise, Imagineer now just has to remedy Quest's flaws... because, let's face it, the original wasn't exactly a milestone in RPG design. Will they pull it off? Only time will tell, but RPG fans who own only an N64 will want to give this game at least a glance.

Preview by Fritz Fraundorf.
Quest 2
Developer Imagineer
Publisher Imagineer
Genre Action RPG
Medium Cartridge
Platform Nintendo 64
Release Date  Unknown
Imagineer fights Quest 2 cancellation rumors
Leohn and Sophia