Legend of the River King
Fish to your
heart's content

   A fishing... RPG? Do my eyes deceive me? Apparently not. Natsume must be finding the making of fishing games profitable, as they test some new waters: fishing RPGs.

   Detailed, vivid, and colorful, the graphics of the fish look as impressive as graphics of fish can get. For a clever added touch, the Rumble Pak will vibrate when there's a fish on the line to give fishers that beloved tug on the pole.

   The question everyone is asking at this point is, "how in the world can you turn a fishing game into an RPG?" Players will sell the fish they catch to get improved equipment, and there are various locales to fish from. To top it off, the plot sounds killer: you've got to catch the big mean ol' fish that always gets away. There is a family-values message included, however, as you must catch the fish because it has magical healing powers that could save your sister's life.

   In case fishing and role playing isn't enough, however, there's also a pet simulation mode, ala Tamagotchis. You can keep the fish you catch, feed them, and marvel as they grow from guppie to shark, or whatever guppies grow into. Will this fishing RPG redefine "niche" RPGs, or will it fall in a sinkhole?

Preview by Andrew Kaufmann.
Legend of the River King 64
Developer Pack-in-Soft
Publisher Natsume
Genre Fishing RPG
Medium Cartridge
Platform Nintendo 64
Release Date  Unknown
 Q3 '99
Legend of the River King sunk
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