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Curses! Foiled again. - February 10th, 2002 - Drew Cosner

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this column are those of the participants and the moderator, and do not neccessarily reflect those of the GIA. There is coarse language and potentially offensive material afoot. I trained my eyes to read homework for me. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Well, thanks to good ol' server problems, this column has been accessible just long enough that I've gotten barely any letters. Plus I'm in the middle of a study-a-thon, and you don't want to interupt that. It's like trying to stop peeing when you're not done yet.

So, anyway, just redirct your letters to Erin if you've already started writing (and some how saw this message in time), otherwise, same topic as yesterday: if you could change one thing about gaming as a community, be it business practices, fans, whatever, what would that be? Do tell.

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