Circles - Logs from The Eldridge II

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Excerpts from the Logs of the Eldridge II

(A small companion about certain events in Circles)


Log from Science Officer Emeralda concerning the temporal field surrounding the planet Earth:

During the journey back to the Zevsehn homeworld I came to a frightening conclusion. According to the accounts given by the science officer of the Eldridge II, the temporal field that surrounded the planet vanished when Citan did what he did to ensure victory. What cannot be explained about this event is that according to the Temporal Laws as we know them, the adjustment from slow time to normal time on a scale that affected a whole planet should have been so violent that the planet, flotilla, and quite possibly the Zohar Modifiers should have been destroyed.

I do not know how such a law could be broken when such alien energies as Ether was at play. I did approach Captain Uzuki about this and he said that certain events can never be explained. Given our mutual history together I am inclined to agree. I have witnessed many unusual things that cannot be explained. It is in my honest opinion that we should just count our blessings and move on. Let this one event remain a mystery. . .or a miracle.

Medical Log from Chief Medical Officer Doctor Aria Tomia Balthasar concerning the Earth humans lack of Ether ability:

When it was discovered that Ether was actually a form of radiation I stated in my initial analysis that the section of the brain that controlled Ether was hollowed out. I found after the second voyage to Earth that humans did not have the abilities that Captain Uzuki or Chief Miang possessed. At the same time they were immune to the radiation that nearly claimed the lives of myself and two other crew members during the first journey to Earth.

Upon further investigation I discovered something else and my initial findings were wrong. The telepathic center in people such as Captain Uzuki or Chief Miang are not hollowed out. Instead their center is like a net. It traps the molecules that comprises Ether. It seems that the smaller the hole in the net the more holes there are and the more Ether that is trapped. Therefore the larger the holes in the net the lesser number of holes will be there and less Ether will be trapped. In the case of the humans on Earth the telepathic center is indeed hollow. This allows Ether to harmlessly pass through and at the same time keep the population unable to tap into the strange alien powers.

It is also my theory that over time, like on the old planet, the altered brain patterns will repair themselves as the population grows and the telepathic center will return to its natural state.

Engineering Log from Chief Engineer Miang concerning the Zohar Modifiers:

When I was told about the temporal field created by the Zohar Modifiers it was then that we still do not know what their true purposes are. Maybe it is anything the Angels wanted them to be or they are nothing. What can be said is that they tools. Even though they will always be beyond our understanding they are like any other machine. Unfortunately they are too unwieldy to be used by humans and I doubt the rouge Angels even understood their true power.

It is my recommendation that whatever blueprints we have be deleted. I know this sounds odd for an engineer to say but it is warranted. The previous Perenth called the Zohar Modifiers 'demons'. In sense he was not far off from the truth. If Commander Emeralda had not told me about the temporal field around Earth I would not have believed it. It is a frightening thought and I do feel justified in having it. We are all fortunate the rouge Angels were not trying to wipe everything out all at once. It would have been too tempting to take the temporal beam the Zohar Modifiers created and direct those beams at a star.

There is something else I should mention. Somewhere in my jumbled memories I remember hearing something about 'The Origins of Life'. Wether this is something the rouge Angels posing as the Wave Existence beings told humans and other races back then or something else so incredible that I am afraid it would destroy my mind if I ever discovered that missing piece of my past.

(Author's note: The Origins of Life is something mentioned in Perfect Works. See Author's Notes at the end of Circles Part 4)

Log from Lieutenant Mikhail Balthasar concerning his resignation and final log entry (Resignation takes effect upon returning to Zevsehn homeworld):

I quit. No bother calling cause I'll hangup once you identify yourself.

Log from Captain Uzuki concerning his resignation as Captain of the Eldridge II and his final log entry (Resignation takes effect upon returning Zevsehn homeworld):

It has been my pleasure to have been the captain of the Eldridge II. Not since my time with Fei and the other people I befriended over 250 years ago have I had the honor to work with such wonderful people. They all have preformed above and beyond the call of duty. I know these recommendations come late but I feel the following people deserve them.

Admiral Del'Doun who, while was my second in command, followed the correct procedures while I was under the near influence of my Dark Side.

Lt. Mikhail Balthasar whose courage and quick reflexes save the Eldridge II from the explosion that destroyed the Elhaym.

Commander Emeralda who showed great courage and honor on the planet Earth. She risked her life on one occasion to prevent the launching of the nuclear weapons the Contact/Grahf tried to launch. It is also my recommendation that her sentence of exile be overturned.

Chief Engineer Miang who also showed great courage and honor while on Earth. She went through so much that anyone else would have been broken mentally.

I also must report about the final fate of Kahr Ramsus. He was discovered alive on Earth. He helped create the rebel forces I worked with on Earth while fighting the rouge Angels. He gave the ultimate sacrifice so Chief Miang could reach her true potential. That allowed Chief Miang to face both the Xenogears class Gears and a recreated Gear once used by Grahf.

I am also officially resigning. For too long I have been a soldier. The other threat to existence gone I feel I have done all that I have can. I have much to consider after I return home and my duties as an officer and soldier will interfere with that. I leave it to the generation I woke up in and those that will follow to fight against the darkness.

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