Life of a Soldier

[03.02.00] » by Connie K.

"When the time comes to be a man, then you must enlist" This is what my

father said to me on the day of my eighteenth birthday. Soon after, I found

myself wearing an imperial uniform, and I was saying good-bye to my parents.

You see, when find yourself in the imperial army, you lose your identity;

just another solider with a life to waste. That was me. The brown uniform did

not even fit me, but I couldn't complain, or else face a court martial.

My first assignment, a base north of Doma. The captain told us that we

were stationed there to attack Doma. They had been resisting the Empire's

orders, and they were suspected to be rebel sympathizers; how I hate those


I stayed in base camp for close to a week, hoping everyday that we would

get the order to attack. But General Leo did not feel it was necessary, I

could see his point. There was no real need to attack a castle, when there

was a larger enemy out there. Well, as the days passed, General Leo was

ordered to seek council with the Emperor. In his place came one of the most

respected leaders, General Kefka.

We attempted to sleep that night, but we got called out in a drill. The

moans of the soldiers told the story of how we hated it. We were met outside

our tent by the laughing Kefka. The drills lasted long, we ran and practiced

combat situations. Kefka watched on with delight.

"This one, I like this one. He will be part of the team." Kefka pointed to

me. I was moved onto the side with a few other soldiers. Some of the people I

knew made it on this so called "team".

"Pssst. Hey Jones, what the heck is this team thing" the soldier to my

right whispered. It was my friend Rally.

"Dunno Rally, I have no idea what he is talking about. Maybe we are part

of a strike team or something." I responded back.

"Hey, you, soldier shuttup will ya" a higher ranked officer yelled to me.

I was beginning to become tired and my body was close to collapsing, but the

drills went on. In total, twenty soldiers were picked for this team, and we

then became secluded from the rest of the soldiers in base camp. We were

moved into a tent, and were told to sleep.

The morning came too quickly as we were forced to leave our beds. We

dressed and ate our prepared slop. How I hated the food in base camp, it was

if a stupid imp was making the damn food. I still ate it, but how I hated it.

After our slop for breakfast, we were led out of the mess tent, and went

through debriefing.

We were told by Kefka himself what to do. We were supposed to wait for the

people of Doma to become weak with poison, then assault the castle with

force, not withholding anything.

We were told that if it moved, it must be killed. The rest of the day was

left up to us, as we were told to write letters to our parents in case we did

not return.

Dear Momma and Poppa,

I find myself in a position of no return, I am going on my first

mission. We are instructed to attack Doma. I may not come back, so in case I

want to say I love you all. Tell little Annie about her big brother, and his

bravery in the Imperial Army.

Love Always,

Terrance Jones

The long march to Doma was silent the whole way. Some prayers were heard

throughout the march, and I said a prayer for myself too. My legs began to

feel weak at the site of Doma. Then the assault began.

We flanked the soldiers outside of Doma, and slaughtered them easily. As

the attack ensued we could see Kefka's poison take effect on the people of

Doma. They began to fall down one after the other. I saw the faces of the

victims, how low I felt. I began to tear from my right eye, as I felt sorry

for my actions.

Screams of "Poison" were let out all over, and the battle raged on. As the

battle raged on, we were met head on with a soldier dressed in all black, his

black hair stretched downward on his back. "So THIS is the legendary defender

of Doma," I thought to myself. That was my last thought, as I was run through

with his sword. My eyes closed to the sight of Cyan. Now I regretted my

joining the army, my tears still falling upon the ground.

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