Merry X-masu
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Landale Unknown Xenogaia
Artist's Commentary

O~kay! X-mas is fastly sneaking up by the corner and I just Had to Do a X-mas pic to send to everyone I know and to have on my Homepage! (since itīs my first X-masu on the net WITH a Homepage^^) It all started out with the eyes and I canīt tell HOW long I sat and grumbeled over WHO it should be. Probaly that took the most time of the whole pic! But then it was decided after seein g and old Issue of Super Power (now called Super Play) a Swedish gameīs mag^^ It had a article ībout SD3 and I just love that game..and Charlotte do seem to be the most X-masu-looking character of all of them ī(and I used her in my game..) I`M very please with the way it all came out. I wanted it to be a lil simple, the color and all. I was suposed to put Kevin in that boxfrom the beg. but it chnaged into the Sprite (whoīs name I canīt renember) of SD2^^ Itīs a nice cross-fanart^^ And YES those funny letter-boxes are partily created by me, so itīs not some phrame I found on the net.

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