Esper Being
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Eferoth Pencils/PaintShopPro5 dragoon-designs
Artist's Commentary

It was long, looong ago, when I decided to draw a picture of Terra (around 2 years I guess). And now I finally did it. That's unbelievable. I really did it!!! I mean... I DID IT, GWARHARHAR!!! ... However... that's true. Actually I never made it to draw this picture, don't know why, but so it is. I'm quite satisfied with the result, also. Yeah, there are some mistakes in her dress. (I can't remember that she ever had a cape, but I don't care.)
I have nothing against CG's, but I still think the whole picture is looking better when it is comletely handmade although I sometimes use PainShop-Filters, like in this case, but that's because of my scanner (very cheap, not so good quality...).

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