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J. Parish Ink on bristol paper, Photoshop 4.01 ToastyFrog
Artist's Commentary

Well, this is easily the most schizophrenic artwork I've created. It started as a joke piece to help balance out the male-sexism-to-female-sexism ratio in Sketch Artist, and was intended to provide nothing more than a quick laugh. But once I added the background, it ended up looking a whole lot nicer than I had intended, with an almost watercolor-like appearance... but at the same time, it also looked like exactly the kind of chauvanistic drawing I typically make fun of. So I toned down the fan service factor and ended up with a pic that I'm actually almost happy with. Although I probably wouldn't show it to my mother.

I think this gives me the distinction of having one of the first (if not THE first) Shadow Madness fan artworks on the Internet. SM is much better than pre-release criticism would suggest, and I particularly enjoy the haunting, creepy atmosphere of the game. I tried to capture a bit of that in this pic. Hopefully viewers can pick up on that despite the rather tawdry nature of the artwork...

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