Sea Glass
Artist: Shinryuu
Media: pencils & paper
Artist's Commentary
Why the title? Every now and then I find inspiration in my own collection of odds and ends collected from beach sides around the world. Among the shells, starfish, sand dollars, and driftwood I have a small lump of volcanic glass (green obsidian to be precise) shaped over by the tides of years. Glass of such origins is very hard to break, yet can be shaped by a talented hand to everything from razor-sharp knives and arrowheads to those lovely, intricately-carved obsidian bowls you can find Mexico's natural history museum.

A pirate's life is a hard one, and a captain has to be as tough and as sharp as possible to maintain control of a ship. Sea glass doesn't break easily. Neither does Faris. This image was inspired by a little lump of sea glass which, while pretty enough on its own, can be polished to be even more beautiful and stil retain its strength.

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