Brother of Dario
Artist: Tim Pham
Media: Adobe Photoshop and Fractal Painter
Artist's Commentary
I tried to submit a Star Ocean pic right when Jeremy Parish came in, so I guess it got lost or something. But I don't like that pic anymore, so that's good for me ^_^;

anyways, i'm totally addicted to Chrono Cross (and VS) and I love about every single character design, Nobuteru Yuuki's art is so gorgeous @_@ when I playing, I came accross this scene with Little Karsh and Little Dario training, and in the background, I saw Little Glenn playing by himself (unless you want to count the straw dummy ^_^;) I found it adorable when Glenn was whacking the dummy with his sword ^___^

and in chat, I was chatting with Kouryuu, and she started mentioning glenn. and for strange urge, I drew the young Glenn with that sword ^_^; heh, I'm quite sure I got all the clothes wrong, and Kouryuu pointed out that his scar is on the wrong side of the face. But overall, I love the pic and all it's cuteness ^o^

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