Artist: Red Leader
Media: Pencil, Sakura Pens, Prisma Color Pencils
Artist's Commentary
Ah hah! I've beaten you all! While everyone jumps all over Chrono Cross's characters vultures on a carcass, -I'VE- jumped ahead a beaten you all with the very first fan art of Dinosaur Planet! And thus! I've drawn here, Krystal, the optional female protaganist (sp?)! Also, not ONLY is this the very first DP picture anywhere, it's also a testimate to Rare FINALLY getting that "anime" look right after the unfortunate character designs of Jet Force Gemini (good game, though). BTW, this is pretty much the first furry I've ever drawn so I hope it looks good! ^^ And yes, being first with fanart of the game, was my inspiration to draw it. That, she's just so DARN cute! Especially in those demo movies Rare put out! ^^ What's next? I don't see any Paper Mario art around here... Hmmmmmmmmm...
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