Mission Briefing

     The Internet hosts more gaming sites than grains of sand on a beach. Why in the world would we want to add another? Some sites focus on only a single game or platform. Other multi-platform sites cover so many titles that in-depth coverage is nearly impossible. Very few sites cover a particular genre or genres with the depth those genres' fans demand. The staff members of the GIA saw a need for a site that would cover upcoming role-playing, adventure, puzzle, and rhythm games for the major console systems.

     The members of the GIA promise to provide timely, complete, honest, intelligent, and interesting coverage.

     Timely coverage means that we will deliver the news as soon as we hear it. We won't sit on stories for days before delivering them to our viewers. We won't just regurgitate news stories from other gaming sites. Instead, we will update daily with the latest and hottest stories and media.

     Complete coverage means that we will be the only site you need to visit. We will cover every upcoming role-playing, strategy, puzzle, and rhythm title with more depth than any other site. We will go out of our way to obtain original screen shots, movies, artwork, and interviews. No other site will approach our level of thoroughness.

     Honest coverage means that we will be straight with our audience - you deserve no less. From the first previews and news stories to the our final thoughts and reviews for each game, we will give you an unbiased and truthful look at each game. You can count on the GIA to tell it like it is.

     Intelligent coverage means that we will not pander to our audience. Most gamers are intelligent adults and should be treated with the appropriate respect. We will never talk down to or disparage our readers. We will use big words from time to time, but we think you'll forgive us.

     Interesting coverage means that we will provide fun and enjoyable reading. This is a gaming site, after all, and games are meant to be fun! We won't put you to sleep with dry and uninteresting coverage. You'll hopefully find the site as amusing as it is informative.

     These are our promises to our audience. We hope you'll join us as we strive to live up to these promises. Get ready for the next level in intelligent gaming coverage!

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