Nathan Mallory
D.O.B.: October 30, 1980
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Specialties: Japanese correspondent, with scanner

It seemed as though an eternity had passed. Departing his cozy home in Enhasa, Nate set forth from the floating paradise, Zeal, on a quest handed down from Queen Zeal herself. His mission: journey to a distant era and find our descendants, the future of the Enlightened Ones. After enduring the ebbing streams of time and the barren wastelands of Oklahoma, where nary a gamer should tread, Nate's charge led him overseas to the very source of this gaming phenomenon, Japan. It was from here that he was able to locate Zeal's descendants. A small, but noble and highly enlightened crew, they called themselves the Gaming Intelligence Agency. Most pleased with this extraordinary find, Nate has now taken up camp with his future descendants, awaiting the day that he can relay the news back to Zeal.

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