Alex Fraioli
D.O.B.: July 23, 1983
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Specialties: News, upcoming coverage

Alex toiled over a hot keyboard for a few years bringing his exploits to the world through a now-hibernating website of his own until the GIA took him in and put him to work. Alex now puts forth his best effort over a clean, well-lighted keyboard to further the goals of the GIA. A striving journalism major and student of Ohio University, Alex can often be found crawling the streets of Athens, OH, begging for spare change and/or bass strings. Alex traces his gaming roots back to Sega's archaic classic Miracle Warriors on the Master System and its hours upon hours of enrapturing tedium. His undying devotion and belief in the word "woobaby" as a means of expressing supreme serenity goes unrivaled.

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